It had been a few months because my computer access had been limited as of late. But let's get right back into it.

Hathor is the next Goddess to be discussed. Typically she is depicted as a cow or with cow ears wearing a red or white dress. She also has a headdress with two horns surrounding a sundisk. She is associated with love,fertility, sexuality, dance, and alcohol. She is actually associated with a lot more but that list would be too long for here so I tried to limit it to what I thought was bellydance related.

The first trait is love: Without love, there would be no dance. When do you most feel like dancing? When you have something to celebrate! Those times you most feel like "busting a move" are usually when you are bursting with joy. There would be no celebrations without love. What would we have to celebrate? What would be the point of anything? Just to survive? Well maybe, but if we are just surviving we would not be dancing. So again I say to you, without love, there would be no dance.

Fertility: Now, before you get all out-of-sorts because you think this is somehow sexist, stop. Hathor is a Goddess of ancient times when fertility was a much bigger deal then it is today. Even a Goddess is effected by her time period. Also, it is not so much sexist as scientific. Women are the ones that give birth to new life. Men are not. Use bellydance to appreciate your biological gift. Even if you don't want to have children, you are still a part of the only gender that can.

Sexuality: Again, not meaning this in a sexist or degrading manner. Simply put a woman in complete control of her body and how it moves is one of the sexiest (and therefore sexual) things in this world.

Dance: Hathor, a recognized Goddess dances. So do you. You a Goddess, even if the world doesn't recognize it.

Alcohol: I was hesitant to put this in here at first. While I am not saying that you should get falling down drunk at the club to start letting loose, if you are over 21 and use it in moderation it can be useful. This is especially true of new or shy dancers. A lot of you are better then you think you are and sometimes our self-consciousness gets in the way. If you are in a safe social setting and maybe just need enough to take the edge off I say go for it. While I don't recommend getting so impaired that you lose all inhibitions or leave yourself vulnerable in a bad situation. But a little bellydance demonstration for some friends that want to learn while at a party isn't a bad thing. I hope I made my point clear with this.

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